Universal Blind Stitch Presser Foot (For Right & Left Needle)

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Universal Blind Stitch Presser Foot (For Right & Left Needle)

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This presser foot is used to sew blind hem stitching, decorative flatlock, or pintucks.

  • This presser foot can be used with either the right or the left needle and has a guide plate that can be moved within a wide range.

  • Since the seam width can be adjusted, this presser foot is also useful for decorating by sewing along a folded edge with decorative flatlock or rolled hem (pintuck) stitches.

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Series & Part Number

Series & Part Number

  • MO-1000: 40149058
  • MO-735: A9521-634-0A0A
  • MO-114D/104D: A9521-634-0A0A
  • MO-655: A9521-634-0A0A
  • MO654DE/MO-644: A9521-634-0A0A
  • MO-623: A9521-634-0A0A
  • MO-50e: 40131946