Button Attaching Presser Foot

HZL Series

Button Attaching Presser Foot

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This presser foot is used for holding a button in place and attaching it using the zigzag stitch.

  • Be sure to first lower the feed dog so the fabric is not fed and adjust the zigzag width so the needle enters the holes in the button.

  • To create a shank for the button, insert an awl or another similar object into the groove in the presser foot before sewing on the button so that the stitching will create a loop suitable for the thickness of the fabric.

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Series & Part Number

Series & Part Number

  • HZL-DX Series: 40080969
  • Exceed(F) Series: 40080969
  • HZL-G Series: 40080969
  • HZL-H Series: 40151630
  • HZL-K Series: 40116156
  • HZL-NX Series: 40080969
  • HZL-350Z: 40151630