Serge into Summer with Juki Professional Sergers and Coverstitch Machines

May 31, 2017

Create professional looking finishes on your favorite summer essentials with the MO and MCS series! With differential feed and stitch length control serging, stretchy or knit fabrics become a breeze! Create beautiful finished seams and perfect rolled hems with no need to change the stitch plate or presser foot.  

MO-1000 4/3/2 Serger Overlock with Easy Air Threading

  • Effortless looper threading with the power of air
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Easy curve sewing

MO-114D/104D Serger Quick Lay-in Tension

  • Automatic rolled hemming
  • Differential feed and stitch-length controls
  • 15 overlocking stitch variations

MO-735 5/4/3/2 Advanced Overlock Technology with Coverstitch

  • 24 overlock and chainstitch variations
  • 5 thread safety seam stitch
  • Front foot lift system

MCS-1500 Chain and Coverstitch

  • Professional 5mm wide coverstitch
  • Chain looper threading system
  • Differential feed and stitch length controls


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