Full Sized Computer Controlled Sewing Machine


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Get Excited about sewing again with the HZL-G210. This delightful machine offers computerized sewing with 180 stitch patterns, including professional quality buttonholes and 1 alphabet character set. The Excite G210 also has an automatic needle threader, drop feed, and Bright White, no heat, LED lighting. 



  • Decorate Away: Use the 180 patterns on the Excite to create stylish décor items. It’s so easy – Just select the menu, select the pattern and start sewing.
  • Perfect for Large Projects: The G-210 has plenty of room to handle even the largest projects.
    The large underarm area and stable base, make this machine a perfect quilting companion and perfect for home decor projects.
  • Easy Pattern Selection: Selecting the right pattern is easy on the G-210. Select the Menu, use the arrow keys to select the pattern number and your off and sewing in nothing flat!
  • Sensor Buttonholes: Just select the desired pattern, snap on the buttonhole foot and lower the buttonhole foot sensor and you’re ready to create perfect buttonholes for any fabric.
  • Combine and Sew Away: Combine decorative stitches or lettering into pattern sequences and save them to the machine memory. The Excite G-210 allows you to combine up to 70 patterns. Stitch them once, or stitch them over and over with the touch of a button.
  • Hand Look Quilting: The Juki Tension system handles invisible thread with ease - hand look quilt stitches are formed perfectly every time.
  • Drop the Feed Dogs and Go: With just a flip of the switch, you can be creating free-motion quilting stitches or free-hand embroidery with ease.
  • Perfect Needle and Stitch: The G-210 has 37 variable needle positions which allow you to place the needle anywhere you desire. It also has a feature that allows you to taper zigzag stitching to the center for perfect applique, decorative sewing and more!
  • Automatic Needle Threading: The automatic needle threader, threads the needle with just the push of a lever.
  • Stitching Powerhouse: Thanks to a 7-point surgical steel feed dog system, the G-210 can handle the heaviest fabrics with ease and the sheerest fabrics without puckering.
    The industrial style box-feed system means that heavy or light fabrics feed evenly and smoothly.
  • Variable Speed Control: Sew as fast as 900 spm or as slow as 90 spm.
  • Trim and Go: With the push of a button you can trim the top and bobbin thread in an instant.
  • Lock Stitching: Hold the reverse button and sew backwards. Press the button to lock the end of your sewing.
  • Start/Stop Sewing: Sew without your foot control - just unplug and go.

Additional Features:

  • Free Arm Sewing
  • Bright LED Lighting
  • Instructional DVD
  • Hard Shell Carry Case


  • Sewing Speed: 900 spm
  • Needle Type: HAx1 #9 - #16
  • Max. Stitch Length: 5mm
  • Max. Zig Zag Width: 7 mm
  • # of Buttonholes: 8
  • Presser Foot Lift: --
  • Adjustable Foot Pressure: --
  • Bobbin Type: --
  • Dimensions: 17.5”(W) x 11.5” (H) x 8.25”(D) mm
  • Weight: 21.6lbs



  • Standard Presser Foot (Part No. 40057923)
  • Overcasting Presser Foot (Overedge Foot) (Part No. 40110163)
  • Buttonhole Presser Foot (Part No. 40110162)
  • Button Attaching Presser Foot (Part No. 40080969)
  • Hard Case
  • Bobbins (4)
  • Small and Large Spool Caps
  • T-shape Screwdriver
  • Seam Ripper
  • Twin Needles
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Foot Controller (JC-001)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Power Cord
  • Needle Set

Optional Accessories

  • Invisible Zipper Foot (Part No. 40080955)
  • Open Toe Free Motion (Part No. 40080949)
  • Quilt Presser Foot (Transparent) (Part No. 40080964)
  • Applique Foot (Part No. 40080951)
  • Free Motion Couching Foot
  • Quilt Guide (Part No. A9833-550-0A0)
  • Pearl Attaching Presser Foot (Part No. 40080956)
  • Zipper Presser Foot (Part No. A9823-010-0A0)
  • Blind Stitch Presser Foot (Part No. 40112904)
  • Decorative Stitch Presser Foot (Part No. 40112905)
  • Smooth Presser Foot (Part No. 40079312)
  • Hemming Presser Foot for Zigzag (Part No. 40080957)
  • Walking Foot (Part No. 40080963)
  • Patchwork Presser Foot (Part No. 40080959)
  • ¼” Presser Foot (Part No. 40164071)
  • Straight Stitch Throat Plate (Part No. 40080968)
  • Edge Sewing Presser Foot (Part No. 40080965)
  • Quilt Presser Foot (Open Type) (Part No. 40080949)
  • Quilt Presser Foot (Zigzag) (Part No. 40080953)
  • Gathering Foot (Part No. 40165262)
  • Quilt Guide (Part No. A9833-550-0A0)

Heavy User Kit (Part No. 40091175)

  • Rolled Hemming Presser Foot (Part No. 40080958)
  • Presser Foot with Guide (Part No. 40080952)
  • Binder Presser Foot (Part No. 40080954)
  • Button Attaching Presser Foot (Part No. 40080969)
  • Cording and Embroidery Presser Foot (Part No. A9829-880-0A0)
  • Invisible Zipper Presser Foot (Part No. 40080955)

Creative Set (Part No. 40108163)

  • Applique Presser Foot
  • Cording and Embroidery Presser Foot
  • Pearl Attaching Presser Foot
  • Cording Presser Foot
  • Presser Foot with Guide
  • Open Toe Presser Foot
  • Bobbin x 5 sets

Advanced Quilter’s Kit (Part No. 40091174)

  • Quilt Presser Foot- Open Type (Part No. 40080949)
  • Pearl Attaching Presser Foot (Part No. 40080956)
  • Open Toe Presser Foot (Part No. 40080962)
  • Edge Sewing Presser Foot (Part No. 40080965)
  • Applique Presser Foot (Part No. 40080951)
  • Quilt Presser Foot-Transparent (Part No. 40080953)